Smart businesspeople do.

Today’s successful retailer works tirelessly to differentiate themselves from their competition.  With the Case Authorized Dealer Program, businesses across many markets have found their niche.  From hardware stores to gift shops to beauty salons, everyone appreciates the value and American craftsmanship that goes into making each Case knife.  The stores below are just some of those who have used Case to set themselves apart.

Hardware Stores
Sporting Goods
Home Centers
Agriculture Markets
   Feed & Seed Stores
   Equipment Dealers
   Farmer's Co-Ops
   Equestrian / Specialty
Specialty Stores
   Cutlery & Gourmet Stores
   Apparel & Fashion Accessory
   Antiques & Collectibles
   Gift Shops
   Jewelry Stores
Automotive Stores
   Auto Parts
   Travel Stores / Gas Stations
And More.....